Phillipsburg High School

Phillipsburg High School was designed with multiple brick patterns and colors to reduce the visual impact of this massive building. The school is located on a 121 acre site in Warren County, and occupies one of the highest elevations in the area with great views to the east down the Lehigh Valley and to the north of the Delaware Water Gap. These views played an important role in the design of the building and its orientation on the property.

Brick is featured on the building in five different colors and is used on different volumes to help reduce the visual impact of the building. The auditorium “Box” has four of the brick colors used in stack bond panels and a blend of the five brick colors together that signal the shared nature of the program spaces on that level.

Project Location
Phillipsburg, NJ

Project Size
326,000 SF


  • Learning by Design: 2017 Outstanding Project Award
  • 2017 Brick in Architecture Award
  • Outstanding Design Award from American School and University Magazine 2017
  • 2017 New Good Neighbor Award

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Glass is used expansively in the building to provide a connection to the community, abundant daylighting and visual transparency.