Vineland Police Department Case Study

Concept Sketch
Concept Sketches

Our initial massing studies illustrate a concept that emphasizes a sense of openness, transparency and engagement with the residential community, important metaphors for any civic building that can also foster a sense of security for residents and police department staff members. In the early design stages the building was scaled appropriately within the context of the adjacent two story, single family houses and apartment buildings. The section view highlights the intent of opening the heart of the building to a flood of natural light to offset the stress and rigor of this challenging work environment.

Mockup Render
Mockup Render
Interior Render
Interior Render
Early Model

The final design included a more visually prominent and centralized public entrance that serves as the primary focal point. A one-story brick base anchors a second floor, clad in two toned striped metal   panels with eyebrow detail surrounds at large window areas. The front façade is offset from the corner to tuck in the main entrance while reducing the visual impact of the building and creating a plaza effect, also an important feature of civic buildings.   


As the design evolved it maintained the strength of the original design direction. Ideas were developed and presented to the client with different takes on the original concept ideas. Detailed programmatic discussion helped us determine public versus private/secure spaces which then informed building access, utilization and internal and external circulation. As the design development phase progressed, our architectural, interior and graphic designers worked together to shape the envisioned experience, based on the initial project concepts. 


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